Prescription Drug Treatment

In the last several decades, prescription drug addiction has become more prevalent for a number of reasons. One is the high availability of these medications along with the wrong belief that any medications that a physician prescribes could not become an addition problem. The three types of prescription medications that can become addictive include stimulants, painkillers, and sedatives. Many times it only takes a few weeks of taking a prescription medication and then going off them to find that you may need professional prescription drug treatment. Although they are safe when taken in certain dosages and monitored by the physician some can be habit forming, cause a high level of tolerance, and create severe dependency on them.

When going to an inpatient treatment center you will have your treatment program designed based on your needs. As you progress the program will change to reflect this. You will also meet regularly with your physician along with other medical professions as they help you get off the prescription medications.

Most prescription drug treatments include

• Inpatient care where you will have twenty-four hour access to treatment and a place to stay until your treatment is finished, which is usually thirty to ninety days. Here you will receive hands-on care.
• Outpatient care after you have finished with inpatient care, which is where you would visit the prescription drug treatment outpatient center either daily or several times a week to receive treatment, which includes therapy and counseling sessions.

The first part of prescription drug treatment is detoxification where you will be slowly weaned off the medications and treated for any withdrawal symptoms.

Painkiller prescription drug treatment

For these prescription medications you will be given one of three medications to help treat your withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine or Methadone can be continued as maintenance methods also. How long you would use them as maintenance medications would depend on how severe your dependence is. They may also use clonidine but not as a maintenance medication.

Stimulant prescription drug treatment

For the cravings you will be treated with anti-craving agents and for depressive symptoms they will treat you with antidepressants. Sometimes people suffer from severe psychotic effects and if you are then they will be treated with neuroleptics.

Sedative prescription drug treatment

Generally they will slowly wean you off sedatives while in the program because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe, even deadly. This is why if you are addicted to sedatives you should seek inpatient treatment so you can have twenty-four hour hands-on supervision. Sometimes it may be necessary to be given other medications but it depends on your needs during withdrawal.


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